Digital battery tester for 12V Car Battery Load Test and Analyzer with Digital Readout

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√ CCA value — The measured value and battery condition are displayed on the liquid crystal display in an easy-to-understand manner. Testing completes in just a few seconds just to connect and enter the CCA value of your battery.
√ Battery condition —Tell me whether it is good, charge necessary, deterioration or exchange required, from 0% to 100%, which tells you different conditions properly. In addition, it is easy to use beeps even if you are a beginner in case of low battery. In order to extend the life of the battery, it is thought that it is a necessary necessity.
√ Durable & Long lasting — It is adopted as a superior material so that it can be more durable, even from the main body to the cord, clamps are also firmly made, other than simple, there is durability.
√ Basic Specification — 12 V Lead storage battery exclusive use, measurable battery range: CCA 100 - 9999
√ All Product are 100% tested: Any open, miswiring & shot are not permitted. LEICESTERCN: If for any reasons you are not satisfied with our product or service, please contact us first, we will be responsible for any un-expectable issues.

LST 6V/12V/24V Car Battery Tester

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Widely used, available for all 6V 12V 24V lead-acid batteries.

Available to test the battery is bad or not,if it needs charging or not, wether to replace.

Offering quick and reliable test including Voltage, battery life percentage.

Compact size, easy to use and protable.

Optomized to tested various battery types and offer accurate, fast and reliable testing.

Come with large LED screen, easy to understand battery condition and take actions in case of any accident.



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